Wineries in Friuli Venezia Giulia not to be missed

During the summer season, every wine lover is in search of experiences that allow them to combine their passion for wine with the opportunity to explore new territories. For this reason, we propose a journey to discover the best wineries in Friuli Venezia Giulia to visit during your summer vacation!

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The Friulian Territory

Friuli Venezia Giulia is a region characterized by a great variety of landscapes, ranging from mountains to plains, rivers to the Adriatic coast.

It is a destination suitable for all types of travelers, from hiking enthusiasts in the mountains to lovers of the coast. The Friulian terroir is also known for its unique combination of geographical, climatic, and geological factors that contribute to the production of high-quality wines with distinctive character.

The natural beauty, combined with the region’s rich winemaking tradition, will allow you to experience truly comprehensive wine tourism experiences at numerous wineries.

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Friulian Autochthonous Grape Varieties

wineries in friuli venezia giulia

By visiting the best wineries in Friuli Venezia Giulia, you will have the opportunity to discover the rich variety of Friulian autochthonous grape varieties.

Among the most important ones, we certainly remember:

  • Friulano (formerly known as Tocai Friulano): the most representative white grape variety of Friuli. It produces dry white wines with a straw-yellow color and greenish reflections, with an intense and complex aroma.
  • Ribolla Gialla: another native white grape variety known for its freshness and lively acidity. It produces golden yellow wines with floral and citrus aromas and a pleasant mineral character.
  • Malvasia Istriana: an aromatic white grape variety that produces wines with an intense and complex aroma, with notes of tropical fruit, white flowers, and spices.
  • Picolit: particularly appreciated for the production of sweet wines. It is a small-berry grape variety that requires careful attention and a favorable climate to achieve full ripeness.
  • Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso: a native red grape variety of Friuli, known for producing intense and structured red wines.
  • Pignolo: a native red grape variety that produces wines characterized by a dark red color and a complex aromatic profile, with notes of black fruit, spices, licorice, and an elegant tannic component.

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Tenuta di Angoris 

wineries in friuli venezia giulia

Let’s begin our journey in the municipality of Cormons, at an estate that extends for about 600 hectares and includes Villa Locatelli, a historic residence at the heart of the winery.

The distinctive feature of Tenuta di Angoris is undoubtedly the attention devoted to environmental respect. Constant efforts are made to improve energy efficiency and reduce the emission of harmful substances.

Moreover, at Tenuta di Angoris, you can have various unforgettable experiences. In the company of guide Daniel, you will delve into the history of the 18th-century Villa Locatelli and its park, discovering legends and peculiarities of this ancient estate.

You will visit the old cellar where the slow winemaking process takes place, and you will conclude the tour inside the splendid wooden barrel room, tasting their wines accompanied by local typical products.

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Tenuta Stella 

tenuta stella

The second stop of our tour through the wineries of Friuli Venezia Giulia is located on the border with Slovenia, in one of the highest points of Collio.

The vineyards of Tenuta Stella extend for about 15 hectares and are predominantly composed of Ribolla Gialla, Tocai Friulano, and Malvasia.

The plants are managed according to organic viticulture regulations, and the nature of the marl and friable soil gives the produced grapes unique characteristics.

You can discover all the secrets of Tenuta Stella through various experiences, including walks among the rows, cellar visits, and tastings at the estate with a view of the vineyards.

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Torre di Rosazza

wineries in friuli venezia giulia

We conclude our journey in the Colli di Rosazzo, in a microzone strongly dedicated to the DOC Colli Orientali del Friuli.

The steep and sun-exposed hills, the mineral-rich soils, and the cool climate influenced by the Adriatic Sea create a perfect microclimate for grape cultivation.

In this regard, Torre di Rosazza stands out particularly for the production of premium wines, obtained with passion and dedication through traditional techniques and a cutting-edge approach.

During your visit, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this estate, where you will be warmly welcomed, explore the historic cellars, and learn all the secrets behind the production of their wines.

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