Enotourism: what to see and the best tastings experiences in Valtellina

Tastings experiences in Valtellina

Wine lovers and curious explorers, here is a selection of some exclusive tasting experiences in Valtellina.

Known as the land of heroic viticulture, Valtellina is situated in the heart of the Alps, embraced by its mountains and Lake Como, just a stone’s throw away from Milan and Switzerland.

It is a land of wine where history has played its part in making the local viticulture unique in the world, with its over 2,500 kilometers of dry stone walls and terraces.

Thanks to the harmonious relationship between humans and nature, Valtellina now offers us a breathtaking landscape of extraordinary scenic beauty, making it one of the largest terraced mountain wine regions in Europe, an absolute must-visit!

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Enotourism in Valtellina: discovering Valtellina through Wine

Tasting local wines inevitably transforms into a unique and personal experiential activity that allows you to deeply understand the Valtellina territory and its history.

Experiencing enogastronomic activities in Valtellina is becoming easier thanks to the numerous offerings provided by local wineries, such as wine tastings, cellar and vineyard tours, and even more exclusive experiences like cooking schools with typical products. Additionally, there are sports activities in the vineyards with stops at wineries to taste locally produced wines.

Tastings in Valtellina: Enogastronomic Experiences 

Wine & Food tasting at Balghera Vini

tastings experiences in Valtellina

Imagine a rich tasting experience at one of the oldest wineries in Valtellina: Balghera Vini, a family-run company present in the region since 1885.

With the Wine & Food tasting experience, you will have the opportunity to taste 5 wines accompanied by a platter of local products.

The tour will conclude with a visit to the historic cellars dating back to the 16th century.

What’s included?

  • Valtellina Superiore Quigna Riserva 2013
  • Valtellina Superiore Pizamei Riserva 2013
  • Valtellina Superiore Valgella Riserva 2005
  • Sforzato di Valtellina Solstizio 2013
  • Passito di Nebbiolo 2015

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A personalized wine selection lunch.

tenuta la gatta triacca

Better than a lunch surrounded by greenery, steeped in peasant tradition, and paired with an exclusive cellar tour, there’s only the possibility of fully customizing this experience by matching a wine of your choice with each dish served.

Experience an original and relaxing day at the Triacca – Tenuta la Gatta winery.

Tastings in Valtellina at Mamete Prevostini

degustazione wine and food in valtellina

At the Mamete Prevostini winery, quality is guaranteed to such an extent that an exclusive experience has been created just for you. A tasting of 4 great versions of Nebbiolo paired with a platter of local artisanal products. Share this experience with whomever you desire and stimulate your senses with the finest products from Valtellina.

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picnic in vigneto in valtellina

An outdoor experience perfect for the whole family, brought to you by Aldo Rainoldi. A captivating visit to Castel Grumello, a privileged hill overlooking the famous areas of Valtellina Superiore Sassella, Inferno, and Grumello, continues at the Rainoldi Winery. Explore the aging cellar, the barrel room, and the underground tasting room where you can enjoy a selection of five wines produced in the winery.

Valtellina by Bike

A thrilling sports experience for the adventurous ones, allowing you to discover the picturesque mountains of Valtellina without sacrificing the pleasure of tasting local products.

A bike or trekking tour with a stop at the winery is one of the numerous sports activities available for booking on Divinea.com.

Experience all that Valtellina has to offer with Divinea and discover the world of enotourism.

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