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For some time now we’ve been discussing the digital transformation in business. Several businesses have sought to innovate and expose their services and products to meet the expectations of younger generations. This is the idea on which the birth of Divinea was based.

Is digital transformation happening in the wine experience world? After the transformations that new technologies are bringing within the wineries and vineyards, the turn of wine tourism has come. Wineries are increasingly opening their doors to welcome their customers. They started offering a wide range of services ranging from tastings, biking andpicnics to experiences where you can stay overnight or participate in the grape harvest.

This transformation brings an urgent need to modernize the contact points between wineries and their customers. Most of the time customers come from other countries. Consequently, they need to have access to all the details about the services offered and the need to book in advance.

We are Divinea, an innovative Italian startup created to promote a digital transformation in the wine and food experience market by creating a Market Place where you have access to unique Italian wine experiences.

Divinea is designed for those who want to come visit Italy or live in Italy and want to visit the best vineyards and wineries. It’s easy and simple. Intuitively find the wine and food experience you’re looking for and book conveniently from your home without spend time on phone calls or e-mail messaging. Therefore, by accessing the official website, you will have direct access to hundreds of wineries all over Italy and hundreds of different experiences, not only wine tastings.


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